Ratchet Fastener
Ratchet Fastener $0.51
16816G2 The Ratchet Fastener is used on E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles primarily for front/rear body, bagwell, fender, footrest, instrument panel, cowl and splash guard installations.
0% sale
TXT Body Rivet Kit
TXT Body Rivet Kit $41.46 $41.21
608456 The Body Rivet Kit contains all of the items needed to assemble the enTyre vehicle body of 1996-current E-Z-GO TXT Models.
Flanged Urethane Bushing
Flanged Urethane Bushing $4.77
624030 Keep your vehicle's suspension in top form with E-Z-GO Flanged Bushing. Quality bushings help to limit vibrations from the axle and the chassis and over time they can become cracked or loosened and timely replacement is essential to the safe operation of your vehicle's suspension. The Flanged Bushing is a replacement item required in a variety of assemblies for the rear suspension of E-Z-GO Gas Express S6 and L6, and Gas Shuttle L6 Vehicles.
Screw 10-32 x 1/2 Inch
Screw 10-32 x 1/2 Inch $0.47
00740G4 This Screw is a hardware item used in direction selectors, body cowl, winch, hinged seat rails, splash guard, instrument panel, and cable/linkage assemblies. This screw also applies to part# 19886G1. This item can be used in many installation services on E-Z-GO Vehicles.
Lock Nut (Hex), 3/8-16 Inch
Lock Nut (Hex), 3/8-16 Inch $1.63
11098G5 This Lock Nut is a hardware item with a plastic insert, that provides a locking action and resists loosening under extreme vibrations. This item is often needed in installations for the rear suspension, brake cables, engine mounting, battery rack/hold-down, spindle & hub, front shield, hitches, master cylinder, bed liner, seating and footrest.
4-Cycle O-Ring Filler Cap
4-Cycle O-Ring Filler Cap $8.01
26720G01 The O-Ring Filler Cap is used on E-Z-GO Gas Vehicles to provide a leakproof seal in the engine. This O-Ring is manufactured for use on vehicles with a 4-Cycle, Fuji-Robin Engine.
Front Spring Bushing
Front Spring Bushing $26.86
Ratchet Fastener
Ratchet Fastener $1.57
Rivet, 3/16 X .38 Grip
Rivet, 3/16 X .38 Grip $2.75
71055G01 This Rivet is used on E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles in front/mid/rear body, instrument panel, front cowl, bagwell, fender, splash guard, bagwell, scuff, hour meter, horn, fuse block and PDS battery installations.
Rivet - 3/16X.70
Rivet - 3/16X.70 $2.84
10570G11 This Rivet is used on E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles in front/rear body, ignition switch, body panels, hour meter, front cowl, splash guard, bagwell, fender and various other assemblies.
Plastic Fastener
Plastic Fastener $1.58
16816G1 This Fastener, made of plastic, is used in many installations involving vehicle cowls, caps, seat back assemblies, direction selectors and rear body framework.
Black Plastic Drive Rivet
Black Plastic Drive Rivet $1.42
33623G02 The Drive Rivet is a hardware item used in brake switch connections, ignition switch, PDS (Precision Drive System), and electrical system installations. This item replaces previous Part #33623G01.
Flanged Urethane Bushing
Flanged Urethane Bushing $15.53
620160 The Flanged Urethane Bushing is a replacement item required in leaf spring assemblies for the rear suspension on E-Z-GO Electric RXV and 2Five Vehicles.This bushing is used at the front of the rear leaf spring. The back of the rear leaf spring, at the shackle, uses Part number 70291G01.
Flat Washer M10
Flat Washer M10 $1.63
604066 NULL
Split Steel Spacer
Split Steel Spacer $4.86
620161 The Split Steel Spacer is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement component required in the vehicle's rear suspension for leaf spring assemblies of E-Z-GO RXV and 2Five Vehicles.
Aluminum Rivet
Aluminum Rivet $1.52
15058G6 The Aluminum Rivet is an essential hardware part for many vehicle body assemblies primarily for 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT, Shuttle, ST Express, ST Sport 2+2, Workhorse 800, ST 350, ST Sport and Clays Car Models.
Clevis Pin - 1/2 x 1 3/4 Inch
Clevis Pin - 1/2 x 1 3/4 Inch $15.07
14443G11 This Clevis Pin measures 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches andis an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement pin used on E-Z-GO Gas & ElectricVehiclesfor truck bed assemblies, actuators, electric dump kits, lift assemblies and more. This pin helps to secure corresponding components within this assembly. This is a Clearance Item, If sold out - Contact us for price and availability. No further discounting applies to Clearance Items.
Oil Pressure Relief Spring
Oil Pressure Relief Spring $5.63
603559 The Oil Pressure Relief Spring increases the engine oil pressure and adjusts accordingly to maintain a consistent oil pressure within the vehicle's engine system. This OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement spring should be installed on gas vehicles with a Kawasaki powertrain.
Steering Screw-7/16-14-7/8
Steering Screw-7/16-14-7/8 $4.13
-95% sale
Screw-1/4-20 X 1 1/4
Screw-1/4-20 X 1 1/4 $1.47 $25.30
00797G2 NULL


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