RXV/2Five Fender Flares - 2 Seater
RXV/2Five Fender Flares - 2 Seater $286.48
FLARES.2FIVE.2SEAT Australian Made Fender Flares to suit the E-Z-GO RXV 2 Seater or 2FIVE vehicles. These stylish flares look great and are highly functional - a must have on private vehicles.Front and Rear Flares included in kit, as well as mounting kit.
Tune Up Kit for EZGO TXT and RXV with Kawasaki Engine
Tune Up Kit for EZGO TXT and RXV with Kawasaki Engine $76.27
PF11216 A tune up is essential for keeping your EZGO TXT and EZGORXV running at its peak. This Tune Up Kit is compatible with the Kawasaki engine. Includes: Air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and spark plug Convenient kit for engine maintenance that will help the engine perform better for longer Made for EZGO TXT and RXV 2008-Current gas models with Kawasaki Engine
Battery Hold-Down Rod
Battery Hold-Down Rod $26.07
602896 The Battery Hold-Down Rod is used to help secure the vehicle's batteries and keep them from shifting, primarily while the vehicle is in operation.
Sand Bottle Kit for RXV and TXT
Sand Bottle Kit for RXV and TXT $59.46
614179 The E-Z-GO Sand Bottle Kit is manufactured specifically for2002-2013 TXT and Medalist, as well as2010-current RXV Vehicles. The Sand Bottle is a must-have item while you're on the golf course to aid you in filling the divots! Included in the kit are a mountable holder and hardware that allows for a perfect installation. This item replaces previous Part# 28661G03.
-11% sale
RXV Front Bumper
RXV Front Bumper $121.94 $136.91
605935 The Front Bumper is a factory manufactured bumper designed specifically for the RXV Model. Made of durable material, the front bumper for the RXV will provide solid protection to the front-end of vehicle.
Micro Switch-Pedalbox (Series Cars)
Micro Switch-Pedalbox (Series Cars) $14.56
25861G01 Micro Switch-Pedalbox is used as the accelerator switch on E-Z-GO Gas&Electric Non-DCS (without the Drive Control System)1994-current E-Z-GO Medalist and TXT Model Golf Cars and 4-Cycle Gas Models.
Club & Ball Washer Kit (Passenger Side)
Club & Ball Washer Kit (Passenger Side) $302.39
603252 The Club & Ball Washer Kit will keep your golf clubs and golf balls sparkling clean and have you ready for the next round in no time! This kit contains everything you'll need for a complete assembly of all components. This item is mounted on the Passenger's side of E-Z-GO RXV and 2Five Vehicles. ***NLA per K. Glidewell, 12/16/11***  
Key Switch for Gas RXV
Key Switch for Gas RXV $40.49
611284 The Key Switch is an important component in the vehicle's ignition system. This part is responsible for vehicle start-up and can also switch on the vehicle's accessories. Thiskey switch replacesPart# 603623.
RXV Scuff Pad (Passenger's Side)
RXV Scuff Pad (Passenger's Side) $20.71
601864 Requires 3 rivets per side for installation, Part# 18616G2 For the corresponding Scuff Pad installed on the Driver's side, please reference Part# 601865
-13% sale
RXV Rear Bumper Assembly
RXV Rear Bumper Assembly $213.42 $242.87
610855 This durable Rear Bumper is a factory replacement bumper only for E-Z-GO Gas & Electric RXV Vehicles. This bumper protectsthe vehicle's rear body.
-25% sale
Cooler Kit for RXV & 2FIVE (Driver Side)
Cooler Kit for RXV & 2FIVE (Driver Side) $211.23 $278.32
603733 Availability: Unavailable A convenient way to keep beverages cold and stored no matter how many rounds you play on the course! This Cooler Kit securely mounts on the rear of your vehicle for quick and easy access to your beverages.This kit includes a black cooler, a bracket for the left-hand side of the vehicle and all hardware necessary for a complete installation. Used on 2008-2016 E-Z-GO Gas & Electric RXV and 2010-current Electric 2Five Vehicles Keeps beverages cold and conveniently accessible from your golf car Weight: 15 lbs  
Lower RH Rocker Panel, RXV
Lower RH Rocker Panel, RXV $59.22
600257 Customize your E-Z-GO Gas & Electric RXV in style with the Lower Rocker Panel. This panel has a smooth finish that is made of top quality plastic. This is the right hand rocker panel installed on the passenger side of your car. The left hand rocker panel # 600253 is also available for the Driver side.
-2% sale
6 Inch Motor Brake for E-Z-GO RXV
6 Inch Motor Brake for E-Z-GO RXV $681.51 $689.45
617766 Availability: Available Now This innovative golf cart Motor Brake is an OEM manufactured for installation on E-Z-GO RXV Electric Vehicles. The motor brake helps to slow the vehicle when the driver pulls his/her foot off the accelerator pedal. This motor is manufactured with an enclosed fan-cooled and open drip-proof design. Depend on Shop.ezgo.com for your E-Z-GO golf cart brake parts. Benefit & Features: OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer Enclosed fan-cooled Open drip-proof design This replaces Item # 61065 Vehicle Fit: 2/22/2009 - Current E-Z-GO Electric RXV Vehicles  
-23% sale
Front Shield - TXT
Front Shield - TXT $54.19 $69.66
27166G04 The E-Z-GO Front Shield is a factory replacement part manufactured for 1993-current Gas & Electric Vehicles. This item fits beneath the front cowl and provides protection to vital parts of the suspension in addition to protecting the front of the vehicle.
Upper RH Rocker Panel, RXV
Upper RH Rocker Panel, RXV $37.84
601258 Customize your E-Z-GO RXV with the Upper Rocker Panel! This panel has a smooth, matte finish that's made with top quality material. This panel is installed on the Passenger's side of the vehicle.
RXV A-Arm Carrier Tube
RXV A-Arm Carrier Tube $5.18
602085 The A-Arm Carrier Tube is an essential item installed in the vehicle's front suspension between the a-arm assembly and a-arm bushing.
-8% sale
Shock Absorber with Bumper
Shock Absorber with Bumper $87.76 $94.72
76419G01 Timely replacement of shocks is essential. Worn shocks fail to maximize Tyre contact with the road which can adversely affect braking and handling. Our shock absorbers are the remedy for keeping your vehicle from bouncing down the road on its springs. Replacement of Bushings is recommended when replacing shocks, bushings are sold separately. This shock absorber has aninternal bumper. Please refer to the bullets below for vehicle information.
RXV Accelerator Pedal Cover
RXV Accelerator Pedal Cover $16.08
610529 This Accelerator Pedal Cover is manufactured for RXV Vehicles. This cover has a slip-resistant, traction surface and is easily applied to the accelerator pedal.
Fleet Steering Wheel
Fleet Steering Wheel $133.88
602979 This Fleet Steering Wheel is used as the standard steering wheel on 2000-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles, and is also suitable for use on all E-Z-GO golf and turf vehicles. These Fleet Steering Wheels are also compatible with Columbia-Harley Davidson Golf Cars made until 1982, 1976-1984 Club Car Golf Cars, all Chrysler GEM's (Global Electric MotorCar) and Bombardier NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) Models.
Sold out
Oil Filter
Oil Filter $34.77
607454 Timely and consistent oil changes are an integral part of maintaining your E-Z-GO vehicle and prolonging engine life. The Oil Filter removes contaminants from engine oil to keep your vehicle running at an optimum performance level. Benefits & Features: Filters out contaminants and impurities from engine oil Helps your engine run at an optimal performance level Helps prolong engine life with routine scheduled replacement Twice a year or every 125 hours of operation For vehicles with Kawasaki gasoline engine Vehicle Fit: 2008-current E-Z-GO vehicles with a Kawasaki Gasoline Engine RXV TXT MPT Shuttle Select ST Sport


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