RXV Keys (Set of 2 Each)
RXV Keys (Set of 2 Each) $20.11
611282 Whether you lose your keys or just need an extra pair, we have them for you. Manufactured for Gas or Electric RXV Vehicles, this set of keys will have you on the go in no time. These are common keys that are uniquely keyed for RXVs and include 2 keys per order.
Ratchet Fastener
Ratchet Fastener $0.65
16816G2 The Ratchet Fastener is used on E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles primarily for front/rear body, bagwell, fender, footrest, instrument panel, cowl and splash guard installations.
RXV Accelerator Pedal Cover
RXV Accelerator Pedal Cover $16.70
610529 This Accelerator Pedal Cover is manufactured for RXV Vehicles. This cover has a slip-resistant, traction surface and is easily applied to the accelerator pedal.
Tune Up Kit for EZGO TXT and RXV with Kawasaki Engine
Tune Up Kit for EZGO TXT and RXV with Kawasaki Engine $82.04
PF11216 A tune up is essential for keeping your EZGO TXT and EZGORXV running at its peak. This Tune Up Kit is compatible with the Kawasaki engine. Includes: Air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and spark plug Convenient kit for engine maintenance that will help the engine perform better for longer Made for EZGO TXT and RXV 2008-Current gas models with Kawasaki Engine
-17% sale
Brake Drum for E-Z-GO Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles
Brake Drum for E-Z-GO Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles $147.68 $175.90
19186G1P Maintain your utility vehicles brakes or golf cart brakes by ordering brake drums direct from the OEM. We recommend using OEM brake drums due to the superior quality and exact fit. Benefits & Features: Genuine OEM replacement part Superior quality and fit 3/4" center hole 24 tooth star spline Drum is held by castellated nut (5/8" x 18 tpi) Thick flat washer (.118")
Accelerator Pedal Molex Switch
Accelerator Pedal Molex Switch $64.49
612889 The Accelerator Pedal Molex Switch is a replacement part that connects to the jumper harness and the base of the accelerator pedal. This switch is attached with two socket head cap screws. The Accelerator Pedal Molex Switchshould be installed on 2009-current Gas and Electric RXV and 2010-2013 Electric 2FIVE vehicles.
Standard Ignition Key
Standard Ignition Key $6.84
17063G1 This key is a replacement key for most E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles manufactured between 1976-current, with theexception ofRXV Vehicles.
Flanged Urethane Bushing
Flanged Urethane Bushing $3.67
624030 Keep your vehicles suspension in top form with E-Z-GO Flanged Bushing. Quality bushings help to limit vibrations from the axle and the chassis and over time they can become cracked or loosened and timely replacement is essential to the safe operation of your vehicles suspension. The Flanged Bushing is a replacement item required in a variety of assemblies for the rear suspension of E-Z-GO Gas Express S6 and L6, and Gas Shuttle L6 Vehicles.
Brake Pedal Cover
Brake Pedal Cover $36.86
610471 This Brake Pedal Cover is manufactured for RXV Vehicles in preventing debris, golf balls, tees, etc. from falling into the brake assembly housing. This cover has a grooved tread pattern to allow for traction in minimizing slipping during pedal usage. This pedal cover should only be used on RXV Vehicles.
Micro Switch-Pedalbox (Series Cars)
Micro Switch-Pedalbox (Series Cars) $17.51
25861G01 Micro Switch-Pedalbox is used as the accelerator switch on E-Z-GO Gas&Electric Non-DCS (without the Drive Control System)1994-current E-Z-GO Medalist and TXT Model Golf Cars and 4-Cycle Gas Models.
Key Switch for Gas RXV
Key Switch for Gas RXV $49.21
611284 The Key Switch is an important component in the vehicles ignition system. This part is responsible for vehicle start-up and can also switch on the vehicles accessories. Thiskey switch replacesPart# 603623.
Drive Rivet
Drive Rivet $0.57
18436G1 This Drive Rivet is a hardware item used in various parts and accessories installations. This multi-use item can be used on all E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles for installations involving: cowl, cowl caps, floorboard, dash inserts, bumpers, fenders, body trim, front/rear body assemblies, bagwell, light switches, hour meter, rocker panels, decals, horn, front lighting, front shield, electrical switches, instrument panels and electric lifts.
TXT Body Rivet Kit
TXT Body Rivet Kit $44.77
608456 The Body Rivet Kit contains all of the items needed to assemble the enTyre vehicle body of 1996-current E-Z-GO TXT Models.
Oil Seal for Rear Axle
Oil Seal for Rear Axle $18.73
15114G1 The Oil Seal is a large rubber ring that is responsible for preventing both the entry of contaminants and leakage of oil from the rear axle housing. There is an oil sealon eachwheel of the vehiclethat is locatedon the immediate front of the axle bearing. This bearing can also be used on 2008-current E-Z-GO Electric RXV Vehicles for the rear axles.
Snap-In Key Switch (RNF) for RXV
Snap-In Key Switch (RNF) for RXV $80.26
611283 The E-Z-GO Snap-In Key Switch can easily be installed on Electric RXV Vehicles. This item has a 4-position direction status indicator and only allows the key to be removed from the switch when positioned in "OFF" mode. Referenced in white lettering on the bezel of the key switch are identifiable status indicators for OFF, Reverse (R), Neutral (N)/ON, and Forward (F). This key switch replaces Part# 605637.
Flanged Bearing
Flanged Bearing $2.98
10097G6 This Flanged Bearing is an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement part that can be installed on many E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Vehicles. This bearing is used in mechanical, front disc, parking brake, and brake cable assemblies. This is a Clearance Item, If sold out - Contact us for price and availability. No further discounting applies to Clearance Items.
Split Spacer
Split Spacer $3.87
70289G02 The Split Spacer is a hardware item that is used on 1994-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT and Medalist installations for rear suspension services. When installed properly, this item reduces spline wear.
Rocker Panel Spacer
Rocker Panel Spacer $0.62
23726G4 The Rocker Panel Spacer is a replacement spacer required in the assembly of the rocker panel. This spacer can also be used in installations for the front/mid/rear body, seating/seat pod/seat frame, cup holder, ashtray, floor mat, floorboard, and bumper scuff guard.
Starter Generator Belt - 4Cycle
Starter Generator Belt - 4Cycle $40.76
630587 The Starter Generator Belt is a factory replacement part for 1991-current E-Z-GO Gas Vehicles with a 4-Cycle or 295cc and 350cc Engine.
4-Cycle Ring Set
4-Cycle Ring Set $173.18
26608G01 The 4-Cycle Ring Set is manufactured for use on 1992-current E-Z-GO Vehicles with 295ccFuji-Robin Engine. These rings fit on the outer diameter of the pistons.


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